End Bin wines

What is an End Bin Wine?

Bin refers to the storage location of a wine. Cellars will often have “bin” numbers running their length, making it easy to find where wines are ageing or being stored. Bin-end, therefore, refers to the last few bottles of a line, usually because a vintage change is happening. What is key to understand is that vintage changes (or simply moving on from a particular wine) does not mean anything is wrong, just that there is pressure to sell the last few bottles – meaning bin-ends are an opportunity to source excellent wines at a great price.

Are end bin wines cheaper?

In most cases, yes. This could be because a store or restaurant is trying to clear out inventory to make room for new wines or the next vintage. It is also possible that wines sold at the end of a bin are chosen for their unique or interesting characteristics. For example, these wines might be rare or hard to find and may be offered to customers as a unique selection.

Where can I find end bin wines?

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