Wine club tasting

Introducing the Saratoga Wine Club!

Today we are excited to announce the Saratoga Wine Club – a wine club for people who love wine, recommended by experts who live wine.

The Birth of Saratoga Wine Club

Over the years, the clamor for a genuine wine club experience grew louder. From close friends to distant family, the recurring request was, “Can you send over a case of your best wines each month?” Our investigative journey into the world of wine subscriptions revealed a pattern – many clubs were simply stamping private labels on generic wines.

Determined to chart a unique course, we envisaged the Saratoga Wine Club – a platform that stands for authenticity and transparency.

And who’s the force behind our meticulously curated selections? Meet the dream team:

Josh Hiebel, the visionary behind
Nick Adie, the intuitive sommelier whose nose for wine is unparalleled.
Chris Culkin, the certified wine specialist who weaves tales through his selections.

Their cumulative experience of over 70 years ensures that each bottle we deliver resonates with an exquisite narrative.

Understanding The Saratoga Difference

The allure of mystery wines can be intriguing, but why settle for the unknown when you can sip on trusted quality? This very ethos underpins our commitment to quality and transparency. Each bottle you receive is a testament to the expertise of Josh, Nick, and Chris. Their collective 80 years in the industry promises that every pour is not just wine, but an experience.

Since 1996, Saratoga Wine Exchange has provided its customers access to the widest array of wines and spirits from around the globe, from everyday values and premium brands to rare, back vintages and hard-to-find bourbons and scotches. Our deep industry expertise and best-in-class customer service have made one of the most trusted and reliable sites to buy wine and spirits from.